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One team, one spirit

Inovae is a digital agency based in Geneva. Its employees share a common goal, place the user at the center of their attention and deliver an effective and elegant digital experience. At the heart of Inovae’s expertise, Drupal, a powerful framework for business solutions, from websites and e-business, to document management and collaboration.

Our philosophy

Inovae's founders have a strong background in social science. Their approach is based on understanding human behaviors and motivations in order to build solutions that adapt to users and not the opposite.  Usability and user experience will always have to come first at any stage of the project.


Our experts


Kian Rieben

Partner & Business Analyst

Co-founder of Inovae, Kian is responsible for analytical and advisory services. With an anthropological approach to new technologies, his expertise gives customers early support in integrating the project with their own dynamics, culture, environment and the concrete realities of their daily activities.


Alexis Dufresne


Co-founder of Inovae and sociologist, Alexis has a global vision of Internet at technical and societal level. His extensive vision of the web and technologies, allows him to be the bridge between the strategic and the technical aspects of a project.


Adeline Radius

Art Director

As an Art director, Adeline works closely to the marketing team to deliver high level creative work. Her main tasks: improving the usability and design of the website, deliver user interface design for websites and mobile apps or creation of global design guidelines.


Antoine Fournier

Business Development & Marketing Director

After a long experience in technology, B2B and B2C digital marketing, Antoine now assists customers in their digital strategy development.
Content strategy, relationship-based marketing, communities, address and attract your audience is his main objective.


Wouter Admiraal

Back-end developer

Wouter is a member of our Drupal team, and a long-term member of the Drupal community. Experienced in both back-end and front-end development, he strives to provide elegant, robust, and intuitive solutions, adapted to the end-user's needs.


Matthieu Legouis

Front-end developer

Matthieu masters the art of front-end development and web framework. He leverages these skills to deliver quality driven digital experiences.


Anne-Marie Dufour

Frontend developer

Anne-Marie is at her best when design meets technology. Building a seamless user experience based on the highest technical standards is her primary mission.


Bálint Nagy

Back-end developer

Bàlint is a key member of our Drupal team and of the Drupal community where he contributed actively through contributed modules development. He skills extends also to front-end development as he is a talented PHP / JQuery programmer. With a great sense of organization, he also became a skillful scrum master.


Tamás Pintér

Back-end developer

An experienced developer, Tamás has an extended knowledge of Drupal. The development of advanced management interfaces is his speciality but he also excels in content migration and test automation.


Antal Ludescher

Back-end developer

Our web developer experienced in both back-end and front-end development with a background in developing sites from small to enterprise, web-app development, data warehousing solutions and of course Drupal.


Lucian Hangea

Back-end developer

Currently holding the position of technical lead on some projects and developer on other projects. Four years of development in PHP provide him with a broad knowledge of web development.


Diego Pizarro


Diego's mission is to simplify the life of developers, whilst maintaining best practices at the system level, as well as taking a systematic approach in all matters concerning Linux operating systems.


Grégory Naef

Web editor

Gregory is a web editor and ensures the best integration of content and layout. He occasionally gives trainings on good practices for publishing on the web and using Drupal management consoles.

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