I am proud to announce that UICC has won the award of the Best Association Website. This is a great achievement for both UICC and Inovae. Moreover it's a great reward for the partnership we have built together across the years.

This prize has a special flavor for Inovae as it validates our approach "H for Humans".

Working closely with our clients, get a sense of their reality. In this project we have strived to keep UICC top communication objectives in mind throughout the realization, in every detail in which we were involved. This is how it developed into such a long-term and trustful relationship with UICC.

Best Association website

Reimagining UICC website was a great creative process for the whole team. We have provided guidance and expertise on many of the concepts, implementing the design, functionality and architecture of this site.

Find out more about this project in the UICC website use case