Working at Inovae...

... it's joining a multicultural team of passionate collaborators.



Learn, always

We always help our employees to acquire the skills they need. This includes access to professional training for each member of the team to encourage a thirst for learning and openness.

Flexibility of working

Do you prefer working the morning? Do you like taking a long lunch break? Or do you have to arrange your hours to conciliate work, family life, childcare? Do you want to work part time? What suits you, suits us.

Meaning in your work

From its founding, Inovae has considered social and societal issues as a central element of its identity. We strongly believe in the importance of balancing economic efficiency, social equity and environmental accountability. The agency’s commitment is reflected in its portfolio, which brings together many NGOs, and we have always been keen to help them in their mission to create a better world.

Bi-annual meetings with the whole team

It's good to meet in person once in a while. The whole Inovae team meets in one of the cities where we are present for workshops and fun, always with a touch of tourist and cultural discovery. We are confident to do it again in a not so far future...

We are a digital agency based in Geneva, Budapest and Cluj

We hire the best talent where they are!



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