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The main objectives of an event website are to effectively reach its targets, to make them want to participate and to unite a community. To do this, it must be effective, attractive and well integrated with social networks to maximise its reach.

Thanks to a dedicated website, manage the before, during and after the event


  • Present the event and the organiser
  • Answer any questions visitors may have
  • Present the programme
  • Allow everyone to organise their participation
  • Engage your community
  • Manage registrations  


  • Animate the event
  • Publish news
  • Communicate with the public, create links and interact with participants
  • Enable participants to interact with each other 


  • Communicate the results and highlights
  • Continue to promote the event on social networks, with articles
  • Transform the website into a showcase for the next edition
  • Collect and analyse data/statistics to optimise the strategy

Our solutions focus on ease of publishing

At Inovae, we design custom websites with an administration space that is 100% adapted to your needs. Our sites are created with Drupal to provide a simple and complete administration interface that allows easy creation and updating of content. With just a few clicks, you can bring your site to life and animate exchanges by publishing news, images, videos, key figures, infographics, forms, etc.

Our clients for these solutions are mainly international organisations and international non-governmental organisations based in French-speaking Switzerland or Europe who wish to create a website to promote an awareness day or an event (congress, conference, etc.).

A viral campaign generator

To boost your event

We have developed a simple and fun interactive tool, the objective of which is to create links and transform your community into an ambassador through specific campaigns. This solution, which can be integrated into a website or operate independently, enables you to create a campaign on the theme of your event. Each participant can take ownership of the campaign by customising a poster (texts and photos) and sharing it on social networks. The goal is to gain visibility, increase traffic to your site and establish brand authority.

Discover this tool

Campagnes ciblées

The key features



This section gathers all the information about the event and the organiser: presentation, objectives, history, key figures, team. It can also be completed with a presentation of the partners, a media kit or questions/ answers.



Certain events, such as awareness days, are created around a campaign and each edition highlights a problem / theme. The campaigns can also be planned over several editions of the event. The site makes it possible to explain the campaigns, create links and make sense.



The objective is to present all the activities and the speakers in order to make participants want to join the event and prepare their coming. Depending on the importance of the event, we can create several types of research (by keywords, theme, activity, etc.) and give the visitor the possibility to bookmark activities, export them to his calendar and download a personalised program.



In the specific case of global awareness days, it is essential to highlight all local actions organised to motivate and engage new people. These activities can be grouped together into a global activity map. This allows everyone to create an activity and to be able to find other interested people locally.

Resources and materials


The events are a great opportunity to share knowledge and resources to increase the capacity for action of the whole community. This content must be highlighted and the visitor must easily find the resource that will be useful to him.

Social networks


Essential today, particularly when organising an event, social networks are a powerful vector of impact as well as a way of extending the event digitally and over time. Multiple features can be developed: social media activity walls, ready-to-send tweets and posts, 'Stories' page for story sharing, etc.

But also...

  • Forms: registrations, contacts
  • Reservation of tickets, spaces, lessons, etc.
  • Mailing-list: sending emails, newsletters
  • Press area: photos, press releases, files
  • Secure online payment
  • Online Store
  • Games, quizzes, surveys
  • Google Map access plan

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Based in Geneva, our digital experts look forward to discussing your strategic challenges and objectives.
We regularly organise presentations at our clients' sites and would be delighted to come and meet you.


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Let's discuss your project together

Based in Geneva, our digital experts look forward to discussing your strategic challenges and objectives. We regularly organise presentations at our client's sites and would be delighted to come and meet you.