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Backend Developer

You like Drupal ? Want to practice (or already know) Symfony or React ? Continue reading!

What we expect you to know or strive for:

  • Excellent Drupal 8 / 9 CMS knowledge (core + contrib modules knowledge, custom module creation, twig)
  • Good Symfony knowledge (Alternative to Drupal)
  • Strong php, JS, Node / React coding skills (one or more)
  • Strong knowledge of Git (we use bitbucket)
  • Knowledge of Docker
  • Strong English communication skills (French is a plus)
  • We’ll discuss the rest. We’re sure you know even more.

International team with great personality. Collective intelligence.

Do you consider yourself sociable, even if it comes to working with people from different countries, remotely ? We are the right place for you to work. We value diversity and we believe that your charisma will have a positive influence on everyone you get in touch with. What we expect is what we also believe in: treat everyone with respect and be proactive about your job - taking responsibility is the difference between success and failure. Furthermore, if you succeeded with something, don’t forget to share it with your peers!

No nonsense. New challenges and technologies.

We used to be a “Drupal agency” but we have broadened our horizons providing our clients with the most fitting technology stacks to best match their dreams. Are you prepared to be challenged and go the extra mile learning something new from time to time ? We believe that developing yourself is the best possible investment you can make. It’s good for you - so it’s good for the company. We often fund self-study, but in all honesty we are convinced that it’s up to each individual to cultivate that drive to learn the new things we can use to build our projects together. We tell our clients: “what you see is what you get” and we have the same approach within our own community, too! We have a high transparency philosophy that allows anyone to be informed about how things are going internally and we urge people to contribute to the success of the company in any way that motivates them.

Open source.

We like it. We use it. We contribute to it. If you have a sharing and caring personality you’ll love to work with us. Open source mindset applies to most things in our life, of course we didn’t just literally mean it for coding.

Values. The core ones to succeed.

  • Open mindedness - be open to learn by yourself, from others, from your or others' mistakes. Use everything and improve.
  • Patience and diligence - nobody ever sprinted up to a mountain top. Also, we’ll probably become friends, so these qualities are a must.
  • High standards - We believe we have them. Our clients feel we have them. Let’s see yours!
  • Efficiency - We strive to constantly improve this. Nobody has time to lose when they mustn’t.
  • Team - We are a close knit bunch. We help each-other out and go the extra mile to prove our clients that we do care - and we mean it. We try to treat our clients as being part of what we are doing, as team members when possible.

A little bit of technical knowledge. Okay, maybe a bit more.

No, we don’t want you to only fit a checklist. If you consider yourself a geek, this is a good place to work at. One of our clients described us what geek meant to him and we couldn’t agree more: “When a person is already curious at 8-9-10 years old and dismantles radios, old computers just to try and understand what’s inside. When a person talks about his work like a passion and doesn’t only do it for the money. These people are inspirational because it’s a pleasure to listen to them, whatever the topic may be”. Hint: don’t worry, we’ll make sure you’re paid well enough. But there, you need to be a geek to succeed here.

Ego aside.

We don’t have strict hierarchies. We have roles that come with responsibilities. On one project you might be a team lead, on another you might “only” be a developer. Your work defines you, not your job title.


If you honestly consider that you fit all of the above criteria or if you are serious about making a career change in this direction we would be glad to welcome you for an interview and we’d be most eager to get to know you! We have carefully considered and meant every word!

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Who are we?

Inovae is one of the leading Drupal development agencies in Switzerland, founded in 2009. We are always looking for new talents to join our team in Geneva (Switzerland), Budapest (Hungary) or Cluj (Romania). We are currently 20 employees, half of which are based in Geneva.

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