Our approach

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The founders of the agency come from the world of social sciences, their vision is reflected in our way of approaching projects and the relationship with our clients. We cultivate the desire to create strong partnerships based on close human relationship.

Reinventing the wheel is not part of our approach. Rather than striving for growth at all costs or always creating something new, we fervently defend the concept of optimisation, to look first at what is there and develop the ingenuity to improve it.

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Kian Rieben
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Founder & Director

With your teams in the field

Inovae, your digital extension

Our objective is to give you access to a competent team that becomes yours during a project. We have built a great loyalty from our customers and what's important to us is that they come back because they enjoy working with us. You can always count on our critical thinking if we need to challenge a brief, come up with other ideas, explain to you why you might be wrong and to question our own thinking too, in order to achieve a better result.


Our Agile culture

Knowing how to reinvent ourselves to transform each change into an advantage

Our methodology is based on the agile culture. It gives our customers more flexibility by welcoming changes positively and transforming them into competitive advantages. It is often at the start of a project that we know the least: our strength is our ability to evolve, learn together and deliver a solution that truly meets your needs.


Orientation of actions and results

Pragmatism and efficiency for a strong connection with reality

We act with practical tools, operational advice and effective methods to consolidate organisations and implement changes. Pragmatism is also about aiming high, but not too much. No need to dream outside of all budgetary reality. Simple solutions are often also very effective and impactful; we invest in these with just as much enthusiasm.