Sharing knowledge is the best path to autonomy.

At Inovae, we believe that knowledge is valuable and that sharing it further increases its value. Thus, we always have fun sharing our expertise and making technology accessible to everyone. It is for this reason that we created our training courses and the priority for us is to put our learners at the center.

Our digital agency works throughout French-speaking Switzerland and we can support your collaborators professionally by promoting collective and individual research to quickly make them independent.


Inovae’s benefits

  • a multidisciplinary and pragmatic approach
  • tailor-made and modular training
  • access to the know-how of experts active in agency
  • learning concrete and usable tools


Our training areas

We build our training courses according to the needs of each client. Our training sessions are based on 3 combinable themes.


Manage a site and its evolutions

  • Anticipate and support change
  • Design the user experience and the publisher experience
  • Ensure the quality of deliverables
  • Calculate the ROI, follow the analytics
  • Practical tools for digital project management

Write content and ensure its visibility

  • Content writing for digital edition
  • Accessibility
  • SEO and analytics
  • Practical tools for web editing

Mastering Drupal development

  • Drupal 9 development
  • Symfony
  • Core and API
  • Contributed modules
  • Custom modules

Our training courses are aimed at:

  • Communication / marketing managers
  • Project managers
  • Website managers
  • Web editors
  • Editors
  • Drupal developers


Our approach

We have designed our training courses to be flexible and complementary, in order to respect everyone's needs and objectives. We propose to combine 3 teaching techniques: e-learning, face-to-face and workshop.

E-learning sessions focus on theory and basic learning that everyone can assimilate at their own pace.

The objective of face-to-face sessions is to go further in theory / practice and to create a link with our professionals who will be able to share their expertise.

Built on a specific and practical approach, our workshops allow our learners to put into practice the knowledge learned upstream and test their performance directly on their professional project.

Want to boost the knowledge of your employees?

Want to boost the knowledge of your employees?