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Give voice to your community with an online campaign poster maker!

Uniting your community around a common project or dynamic allows its members to create a feeling of belonging and to feel committed. Thanks to a user-friendly and easy-to-use platform, Inovae has developed a simple and fun interactive tool, with the objective to create links and transform its community into an ambassador through specific campaigns.


Do you have a campaign and want to promote your message?

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Are your targets diversified (language, culture, country, etc.)?


Do you want to involve your community and allow them to personalize and distribute your campaign?

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We have the product for you!


The advantages of our targeted campaigns solution:


Integration is very fast and the interface has been designed so that it can be easily learned without any technical skills. Your public can quickly create their own material.


Respecting local languages, culture and needs, this solution allows you to tailor your speeches and create more impactful campaigns.


Full adaptability to your visual identity and campaign. You decide and get the level you need. Everything is possible.


The purpose of the tool is to give freedom while ensuring seamless compliance of the brand and your identity. We define together all the key elements that will be blocked and not editable.


By involving your contacts and giving them the possibility of creating their own campaign, you strengthen their involvement.


Gain visibility, increase traffic to your site, establish brand authority, save time and simplify your process.


Create a campaign in record time and simplify your process while ensuring consistency in your messages.

How does it work?


Configuration of the key elements of the campaign

Together, we integrate your campaign and define all the key elements of your visual identity that will be blocked and not editable. For example, colours, the use of your logo and other graphical elements or even essential information.


Define the customisable part

You decide what languages ​​you need and the freedom you want to grant to your regional contacts. They will be able to customize many elements such as the message (a slogan list can be configured or can be entered freely), the image or the integration of a logo.


Choice of formats

Depending on the intended use, we define the campaign's export formats. For example, materials for printing and banners for major social networks. The files are downloadable at the click of a button!

Need to unite your community around a campaign?

Need to unite your community around a campaign?