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A new tool for exploring online collections.

An online catalog

Facilitating access to works and information

The Ariana Museum's new "Collections Online" platform allows users to explore the museum's collections in great detail, and in particular the pieces in reserve (about 75% of the collection) which are now out of the shadows.

This tool offers powerful features: 

  • It not only presents the works in images and words, but also allows them to be placed in their context (collection, author, history, etc.);
  • It offers an editorial approach, notably through the Our storytelling and Focus sections, and thus allows the curious to discover the world of ceramics and to enrich their knowledge;
  • It has a powerful multi-criteria advanced search tool (author, place, object, technique, theme, etc.) allowing the visitor to search for a work or an author with precision;
  • It offers the visitor a unique experience (personalized selection of works, visualization in several modes according to preferences, possibility of participating in the enrichment of knowledge about the collections via the "Contribute" function, etc.).

Discover the website

Collections Ariana

A window on the art of ceramics and glass

Promoting knowledge

The "Online Collections" currently reference more than 6'900 works, i.e. about 25% of the Ariana Museum's collection. In the long run, they will provide the public with an account of the museum's entire heritage.

Thanks to this computerized inventory, the scientific team works daily to photograph the collections and to enrich the quality of the content of the entries of works.

The new platform makes it possible to bring out of the shadows the pieces in reserve which today represent approximately 75% of the collection.

The site of the collections of Ariana is:

  • 27'740 works in the collections
  • 6'972 objects referenced online
  • 1'614 works exhibited in the museum
Page d'accueil du site

Telling stories and captivating your audience

Committed to transmitting knowledge in an accessible way, the Ariana team proposes to approach the works through thematic stories.

Histoires d'art

Distinguish techniques and disseminate know-how

The site offers six major families of techniques to discover. The opportunity to discover the works under a new angle.

Present the authors and highlight their creations

Each author has an information sheet allowing the visitor to learn more about his or her history and the works he or she has produced. A dedicated page lists all the authors in alphabetical order.


Functionalities at the service of the visitor

Chronological display


The visitor can display the works as a timeline. This feature is useful to quickly situate the works in their historical context.

Powerful research

Recherche avancée

An advanced multi-criteria search tool (author, place, object, technique, theme, etc.) allows the visitor to search precisely for a work or an author.

Customized selection

Selection personnalisée

Visitors can create personalized selections of works to be downloaded as lists or information sheets.

Good accessibility, thought at the heart of the project

Accessibility banner

Objective AA

WCAG standard and repository

The team's objective was to meet the requirements of the double AA level according to the WCAG standard. The site was then audited by a visually impaired person and an accessibility expert.

Travail d'équipe autour de l'accessibilité

A team effort

Mobilizing all the skills

Working on the accessibility of a web project is above all a team effort where each profession brings its expertise and best practices to create the most inclusive experience possible.

As a
UI designer

  • Respect the standards in use (icons, visuals, typos);
  • Work on the colors so that they present satisfactory contrasts;
  • Ensure maximum affordance to the graphic elements.

As a
UX designer

  • Thinking about information architecture in a structured way to facilitate access;
  • Orient project decisions according to user needs;
  • Facilitate access to content by taking cognitive needs into account.

As a

  • Implement graphical aids and keyboard navigation (hover color, focus color, animation, link to main content, etc.);
  • Integrate "alternative text" and ARIA tags for media and interface elements to facilitate their identification by screen readers;
  • Conduct a technical audit to validate compliance with WCAG criteria in the implementation of the html code.

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Let's discuss your project together

Based in Geneva, our digital experts look forward to discussing your strategic challenges and objectives. We regularly organise presentations at our client's sites and would be delighted to come and meet you.