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Image du site web de l'Union Internationale Contre le Cancer
Union for International Cancer Control

The UICC new website, a key instrument to amplify the community's voice in the global fight against cancer
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Imagining and rebuilding the new UICC website with our partner Inovae was an extremely engaging and rewarding creative project, we are very proud of the result. The new version of is not only beautiful, lively and dynamic, but it also offers our community a wealth of content to discover and ready to use.

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Charles Andrew Revkin
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Communication and Web Manager

Founded in 1933 and based in Geneva, Switzerland, the Union for International Cancer Control's (UICC) is the largest and oldest international organisation in the fight against cancer. The UICC has more than 1,000 members and 56 partners in 162 countries. The organisation represents leading cancer associations, ministries of health, research institutes, clinics, patient groups and industry leaders around the world.

The organisation is dedicated to taking the lead in convening, capacity building and advocacy initiatives that unite and support the cancer community to reduce the global cancer burden, promote greater equity, and to ensure cancer control continues to be a priority in the world health and development agenda. 

UICC contacted Inovae to create the new website for the organisation. Very committed to the work of NGOs, the agency is always happy to engage to help them in their mission to create a better world and it is therefore with great pride that we have supported UICC in this project.

The objective of this mandate was to design a solution that would allow a remarkable user experience, while preserving the editing flexibility that the organisation needed to bring the site and its news to life.


The challenges

Combine creativity with a great editing capacity

The objectives of this new site are articulated around the following challenges:

  • transform the website into a dynamic digital hub
  • sensitise members and partners to the fight against cancer
  • unite the community
  • increase visitor engagement with content
  • improve navigation, facilitate search and accessibility of a wide variety of content through a well thought-out architecture

Solutions and technologies

Leverage the strength of Drupal for flexibility and content management


Well-structured pages

Pages built from superimposed horizontal sections and a carefully designed editing tool ensure maximum flexibility while maintaining consistency:

  • custom headers
  • a layout adapted to each content
  • cards to present the data in a fun way
  • "calls to action" which encourage interaction
  • collections facilitating access to relevant content
UICC flexible
UICC_social media

A dynamic social media presence

Immediate access to a stream of content posted on social media and the latest updates. A practical tool providing visitors with content ready to be shared on Twitter.

UICC Edition

Unlock Editing Capabilities

Customised editing tools allow publishers to fulfill their educational mission by posting content that is both informative and engaging.

UICC facet search

A powerful global search based on the use of facets

A standardized path through all types of content: news, events, blog posts, resources and member organizations. Content from the 4 UICC platforms and its members' sites accessible in one place.


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