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Bannière du projet Explor - Inovae
République et Canton de Genève

With Inovae, the human aspect had a preponderant place in this collaboration. Our contacts attached great importance to understanding our business challenges in order to provide us with a tailor-made solution. The collaboration was excellent. Our contacts were able to be available and responsive throughout this project.

Author name
Philippe Scheller
Author job
Head of Department at DIP

In 2013, the Department of Public Instruction, Culture and Sport (DIP) of the State of Geneva decided to modernise its guidance tool for grade 11 students leaving the cycle of mandatory school. At that time, it was a paper version, intended for students but also teachers and parents, which listed the different courses to which students could attend. Being a true 'Guidance Bible', this paper brochure had nevertheless reached its limits: reduced readability, difficulty in updating information, boring and uninviting, etc.

The time had come to modernise and digitise this student guidance brochure. The objective of the mandate was to move from aging documentation to an intuitive, fun and easy-to-access online tool to meet the needs of students and provide them with complete information tailored to each individual.


The challenges

Provide a personalised experience according to the profiles

According to Philippe Scheller, Head of Service at DIP: 'One of the major challenges of this new tool was to offer a simplified visualisation of the different possible paths and the level of requirement required for each of them. Above all, the tool should not minimise the difficulty of each sector, but communicate them more effectively.'

In addition, the new solution must be able to offer students possible orientations and proposals for future professions according to various personalised parameters such as the student's grades, his class as well as his diplomas. The tool should therefore be able to offer results specific to each profile for each person.

The complexity of the possible routes and the conditions was such that a brochure of about twenty pages was necessary to explain everything. A way to simplify the interfaces without however misleading the user had to be found.

Another major challenge of this project was the integration of existing data into the explor tool. It involved tens of thousands of data that came from the site and that had to be recovered and synchronised with this new online tool.


Solution and technologies

The key words of the project: design and user experience

Several graphic tests were carried out, from the most stylised designs to the most schematic. At the end of the process, the choice fell on simple and clear signage illustrating the student's progress through a course.

From students to their parents, teachers to guidance counselors, explor was very well received.


In 1 year, the platform has welcomed more than 200,000 visitors.

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