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Congrès mondial de la lutte contre le cancer
World Cancer Congress

The World Cancer Congress (WCC) is a an award winning international conference which encourages effective knowledge transfer and best practices exchange. 

The event aims to strengthen the participants' action and impact on national, regional and international scales through a multidisciplinary programme that features the latest successful interventions in cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care.

It takes place every two years in a different country and is hosted by a local UICC member.

The aim of the site was to efficiently reach targets, ensure maximum coverage, and unite a community, before, during and after the event.


The World Cancer Congress  key figures edition

The challenges

Create a lively and engaging site, bringing together all the information

The main objectives were to build awareness of the event, make everyone want to participate and gather all the information. The documents and resources have been structured so each visitor can easily find all the answers to their questions.
The site was created to be efficient, attractive and ergonomic.


Solutions and technologies

Enable visitors to personalise their visit and create their own program

In addition to the basic functionalities (about, news, registration page, members, become a member page, etc.), emphasis was placed on the congress program page. The objective was to improve this page, its ergonomics, and to develop its user-friendly aspect.

We have created the possibility for each visitor to search in 3 different ways in the multiple programs that are organised in parallel:

  • Search by keywords
  • Search by theme (10 themes / subjects)
  • Search by type of activity (cinema, workshops, cafes, highlights, etc.)

Visitors can then bookmark sessions they are interested in and, once satisfied with their selection, export their favorites to their calendar or download a PDF with their personalised program.

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