Republic and Canton of Geneva

Explor, an intuitive digital tool for pupils

In 2013, the state of Geneva wished to  propose  an intuitive digital tool to guide pupil's choice. The students had still a paper brochure at disposal which was perceived as additional homework to go through. Based on student's marks, skills and grades, the new tool had to propose an entertaining view of all possibilities offered for a future career path.

Issues and challenges

The current brochure had reached its limits: dense content, difficult readability, rapid obsolescence of information. It was the right time to provide parents and students with an ergonomic digital interface to support the choices the latter with have to make regarding their professional path.

On of the key challenge of this tool was too provide a simplified view of all possible paths without giving the impression that it was easy to achieve. Each branch has its own requirements and it has  not to be underestimated by pupils. 

Philippe Scheller, department chief at  DIP
Solutions and technology

This was really about design and user experience, finding the best way to display the school course of the orientation cycle explains Matthew Legouis, Front-End developer at Inovae. Inovae imagined several display options, more or less graphical to finally choose a very schematic presentation.


The platform hosted more than 200'000 visitors within the first year