Our digital DNA

One team, one spirit

Inovae is a digital agency based in Geneva. Its employees share a common goal, place the user at the center of their attention and deliver an effective and elegant digital experience. At the heart of Inovae’s expertise, Drupal, a powerful framework for business solutions, from websites and e-business, to document management and collaboration.

Our philosophy

Inovae's founders have a strong background in social science. Their approach is based on understanding human behaviors and motivations in order to build solutions that adapt to users and not the opposite.  Usability and user experience will always have to come first at any stage of the project.


Our experts


Kian Rieben

Partner & Business Analyst

Co-founder of Inovae, Kian is responsible for analytical and advisory services. With an anthropological approach to new technologies, his expertise gives customers early support in integrating the project with their own dynamics, culture, environment and the concrete realities of their daily activities.


Alexis Dufresne


Co-founder of Inovae and sociologist, Alexis has a global vision of Internet at technical and societal level. His extensive vision of the web and technologies, allows him to be the bridge between the strategic and the technical aspects of a project.


Pascal Summermatter

MarCom and Business Dev.

Pascal focuses on Relationship marketing, working with clients on a long-term customer engagement, loyalty and client satisfaction. He is responsible for the realisation and the deployment of the marketing and communication plan, as well as find new valuable customer collaborations.


Botond Boross

Back-end developer

Botond's mission at Inovae is to help everyone continuously grow in quality. His motto is: "a strong community is the best team ". Besides that he enjoys to deliver simple and robust php solutions based on OOP principles.


Karine Meuzard

Digital project manager


Karine is an active link between customers and production teams. Her goal: to understand in depth the needs and deliver digital achievements in line with the customer's objective, their environmental context and the experience of users and employees.



Alex Stanciu

Back-end developer

Alex is a Drupal 8 backend specialist, with more than 4 years of Drupal development. He likes to tackle the most complex problems, from data migrations to decoupled architectures. He also likes to tinker with server configurations, to make sure our clients enjoy the best services possible.


Matthieu Legouis

Front-end developer

Matthieu masters the art of front-end development and web framework. He leverages these skills to deliver quality driven digital experiences.


Adeline Radius

Art Director

As an Art director, Adeline works closely to the marketing team to deliver high level creative work. Her main tasks: improving the usability and design of the website, deliver user interface design for websites and mobile apps or creation of global design guidelines.


Olivier Brunau

Back-end developer

Olivier is experienced in both front-end and back-end development. always focusing on providing the best experience for end-users and editors.


Bálint Nagy

Back-end developer

Bàlint is a key member of our Drupal team and of the Drupal community where he contributed actively through contributed modules development. He skills extends also to front-end development as he is a talented PHP / JQuery programmer. With a great sense of organization, he also became a skillful scrum master.


Tamás Pintér

Back-end developer

An experienced developer, Tamás has an extended knowledge of Drupal. The development of advanced management interfaces is his speciality but he also excels in content migration and test automation.


Alexandre Narten

Project Manager

Alexandre ensures that a project's requirements are properly explored and clearly understood. He explores technical solutions and coordinates with the UX, design and development team in order to tailor the ideal solution.


Véronique Mayor


Véronique’s main role is to provide the team, in particular the board of directors, with support concerning but not limited to finance, human resources and administration.


Dora Marton-Sipos

Digital project manager

Dora is a Business Analyst and Project Manager. 
She makes sure all the requirements are met, the client is happy and the team is well coordinated.
She also knows that frequent and ongoing follow-ups lead to a healthy agile project.


Volodymyr Kenidra

Back-end developer

Certified Drupal developer with a greath exprerience, Volodymyr is a team player who is focused to deliver quality solutions. Experienced in data migration and content parsing, he is also Drupal Association member and module contributor.


Ahmed Abdulrahman

Back-end developer

Ahmed is a PHP Developer specialized in Drupal CMS with over 10 years experience.


Márk Szegi

Front-end developer

Márk embraces both the the creative and technical sides of frontend production. His goal is to design and develop high quality and usable solutions.


Ionut Alexuc

Back-end developer

Ionut is an ACQUIA Certified Backend Drupal Developer.
Working only with Drupal since 2008, he knows exactly how to engineer any Drupal website.
He worked a lot building communities for hospitals and news agencies.


Diego Pizarro


Diego's mission is to simplify the life of developers, whilst maintaining best practices at the system level, as well as taking a systematic approach in all matters concerning Linux operating systems.


Grégory Naef

Web editor

Gregory is a web editor and ensures the best integration of content and layout. He occasionally gives trainings on good practices for publishing on the web and using Drupal management consoles.


Julien Alombert

Back-end developer
A high level swimmer in his youth, then trained as a graphic designer, today it is definitely in web development that Julien offers his expertise. Passionate about front technologies, he also widens his horizon with back.end development PHP, Symphony and Drupal 8.

François Steinel

Back-end developer

Amandine Buisson

Marketing manager
Amandine is a passionate and enthusiastic communication/marketing expert. She has been evolving for more than 10 years in complex and innovative environments, each time with the same commitment. Her strengths are understanding customer needs and developing creative marketing strategies.

Saïda Khaizourane

Responsible for development
To support Inovae's growth, Saïda is in charge of business development. Her mission: promote digital offers, analyze and understand the needs of customers by offering them effective solutions adapted to their budget.

Sally Turner

Digital project manager
Sally is project manager. In close collaboration with the client as well as the development teams, she ensures that the project is understood and delivered on time.

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