All the art of a UX Designer is to know how to identify the right problems to provide the best possible solutions.


Because, a problem can hide another one ...

In this article on the HBR website, we are talking about an elevator that is too slow.
The first solution is to increase speed, meaning to potentially replace the lift, its engine and even the algorithm that runs it.


Schema 1


This solution answers a real problem. But, rephrasing it from a user / human perspective let us discover a much more interesting problem: the waiting time. Then, solving this problem brings an elegant and less costly solution.


Schema 2


When analysing the needs, the UX designer must never be satisfied with the problem exposed by the client. He must always seek for the user's point of view on the problem.

In the conception and development phases, seeking for a diversity of angles around a problem allows a team to leverage the most elegant and effective solutions.

Illustration sources : Harvard Business Review