The endeavor of Drupal 8 is to reconcile digital marketers and IT teams, what a great challenge.

Marketers say : 

My brand communication strategy is omnicanal, I want to reach my audience on all devices, and my brand narratives must be delivered overnight.

Programmers say :

I am so happy my code (why does he keep calling them narratives?) is so clean and does not generate a single warning even on Edge.

Matter of fact is that technology is complex and yes, marketing people needs their content live in days, not in weeks. A platform that would green check on these 4 questions would make marketing and IT happy :

  • A platform which is open, supported by a large community and cost-efficient.
  • A platform that will allow your digital marketing and business team to publish content easily.
  • A platform that can accelerate iterations, quickly deliver new content to targeted audiences.
  • A platform that implements best development standards, and can facilitate Infrastructure as a Code.

And you know what, Drupal community has developed Drupal 8 with these questions in mind !

The new features we liked

Easier Authoring and In-line editing

A feature that editors are hungry for : In-line editing. However the simplicity of a CMS backend, editors are familiar with the front-end, not only because they reluctant to learn a new tool but also because copy and visual layout live together.With new Drupal 8 you can change content directly in his context, that is called “quick edit”.

Everything in Drupal 8 is responsive, ready for all devices and screens.

Here we are speaking about the administration console, the site responsiveness does not depend on Drupal but on your front-end framework, but you know that already. Let say you are going to an exhibition and wants to do a quick edit of your content on the train. You can, I managed to do it on my Google Nexus 7 inches without any frustration. Menu management is well done and will automatically adapt to portray mode.

Object-oriented code, PHP, Symfony. Drupal 8 is designed for developer's productivity.

Strategic move, our front-end developer just love it, no more php in your template generator preprocessing, TWIG is clean and is all taken from Symfony, purely semantic and data driven, no more logic. Last but not least this is safe, no risk of vicious php code.

What we don't like

Media Management

With Drupal 7, we had elegant media management solutions such as Scald or Media but they are not planned to be ported on Drupal 8. PinkEye is an initiative for a bundled media management solution but is under development. Still, you have all needed elements but they need to be assembled on a per project basis.