When Drupal 8 came out back in November we thought we would wait few months before trying our the new version.

We often hear that the digital transformation of a company should start from a business need, which is true.
Though starting a technology project can also give you a wonderful opportunity to reflect on who you are and what are your strengths, we have made the exercise.

We always have been part of the pioneers in Drupal since 2009, there was no way we would not be leading the discussions around this brand new version 8. Unsurprisingly, we are the first digital company in Romandy to release our new site in that technology.

Overall, our new site is meant to restate our mission, place the user at the center of our attention and deliver an effective and elegant digital experience.

In conclusion, we are now ready to hit the ground running for your new Drupal 8 projects. Don't hesitate to contact us, we will happy to share with you our best insights.