UICC - Union for International Cancer Control

Amplify the community voices, a noble purpose for the World Cancer Day website.

Every year at the World Cancer Day, the world unites against this disease that knows no borders and represents one of humanity’s most pressing and financial concerns. The new site was meant to be one of the key instrument to amplify the community voices.

Issues and challenges

Unlike a corporate web site, an event-driven web site can not afford to have its launch date delayed. On the D-day the whole site design and content must be finalized, ready to cope with heavy traffic and hit peaks.

Solutions and technology

Beyond a classical Drupal solution, we brought a special attention to the visualization of social components, world map localizing social activities, wall of fame decorated with tweet pictures and also components fostering engagement including a ready-to-tweet message module.


20'000 visitors gathered on the site at the event date