Olivier Vaucher

A new platform for the Vaucher Workshops

Translating a considerable artisanal and technological expertise through a website with a strong visual impact, while keeping a total freedom on content edition, this is the challenge that Inovae took-up.

“Inform the material,

to create life”

01. Visual conception

A graphic material of first choice

To illustrate the exceptional know-how of the Olivier Vaucher Workshops, a professional photo shoot was a must. The talented photograph Henri-Frédéric Rochat captured the perfect movements and detailed art of the artisans.

02. 5 exceptional know-hows

Within the website, like inside the workshops, 5 know-hows live side by side to bring outstanding work to life.


03. A thoughtful interface

Complying with the visual strength and the intrinsic creativity of the pieces of work, for a sober and elegant graphic charter.

  • Buttons

    Forefront technology

  • Secondary navigation

    Design and creation

  • News block

    June 2016

    Lithophane and shaded enamel for Hermes: an innovation with light.

  • Distinctions

    Prix des métiers d'art

    Van Cleef

04. A palette built on contrasts

Favouring dark backgrounds for images to shine. Bringing in delicate touches of blue to highlight the content.


05. Flexibility and usability


A versatile design allowing the creation of unique and tailored pages.

A graphical and functional coherence ensuring an intuitive navigation.


06. Carefully selected fonts

True bridge between traditionality and modernity, the fonts are optimized for reading comfort, both on desktop and mobile.


07. Mobile Friendly

Today, mobile browsing is a reality we cannot escape. The website has been designed with responsiveness in mind, for an optimal experience on all screen sizes.

The user has access to all the content, with an interface tailored to his navigation habits.

Optimized layout
Floating menu
Intuitive navigation

08. The strength of Drupal serving the editors

  • Agility
  • Flexibility
  • Security

With its vast expertise, Inovae knew how to make the most out of Drupal's functionalities, without compromising on design or usability.

Easy editing

Content edition is facilitated by a clear and quick access to the editing functionalities, for each element.

How to access edit buttons

A customizable layout

The Paragraphs module is used to its full potential in this layered design. This conception gives a lot a flexibility to the editor, who can choose the layout that serves best his texts and images.

Update the page layout easily

The strength of a community-based CMS

Drupal is one of the most scalable CMS. It is supported by a particularly active community, ensuring its constant and high-quality development. The choice of an Open Source solution like Drupal ensures a customizable product and control over future costs.

  • 1 000 000
    community members
  • 150 000
  • 120 000