UICC - Union for International Cancer Control

The UICC new website, a key instrument to amplify the community's voice in the global fight against cancer

A global portal uniting over 1000 member organisations across 166 countries





Leading the global fight against cancer
Best Association Website
1063 Members
166 Countries
48 Partners

Main challenge

The equation to solve with this refactoring was to deliver a stunning user experience while preserving extended editing capabilities.



Make the website into a living and dynamic hub. Help members and partners become aware of what is happening in the cancer community.

Increase the engagement of the visitors with the content.

Improve the navigation, discoverability and searchability of a wide variety of content, via a thought-through architecture.

Sections of the site
Example of a wireframe

A smart page structure

Pages built from a collection of stacked horizontal sections and a carefully designed editing tool give a maximum of flexibility while preserving consistency.

Personalized headers

Layouts which adapt to any content

Cards to display data in a playful way

Inspire engagement with Calls to action

Easy access to relevant content with collections

Portrait of Charles Revkins


Collaborating with our partner Inovae on the process of reimagining and rebuilding UICC’s website has been a truly creative and rewarding endeavour, and we are really proud of its result. The new uicc.org is a beautiful, living and breathing website, packed with top-quality content that is easy for the cancer community to find, discover and use.

Charles Andrew Revkin

Web and Communications Manager

Lively social presence

Instant access to a live stream of social media content and to the latest updates.

A convenient ready-to-tweet feature and a share tool to effortlessly diffuse content.


A global search experience unleashing the power of facets

A unified customer journey through all content types: events, news, blog, resources and members.

The content of all 4 UICC platforms and members' sites is then available in one single place.


Unleashing editing capabilities

Specifically tailored custom styles allow editors to reach their educative goal by publishing eye catching and informative content.

Example of what can be achieved with custom wysiwyg capabilities
Parallax image